Backpacking Through Southeast Asia Tips -

Backpacking Through Southeast Asia Tips

If you are looking for your next destination for backpacking, try reading the following guide for backpacking through Southeast Asia. The region is filled with diverse cultural experiences and beautiful tourist spots that you should definitely check out. This trail is very familiar as a lot of people have been backpacking through the region since the late 1960s. here are some of the things you must do when in the region.

Jungle Trekking

Backpacking Through Southeast Asia: Tips And Guide
Backpacking Through Southeast Asia: Tips And Guide

This is a must for any backpacker. The tropical areas in the southeast is rich with jungles and dense forests. Every place is teeming with wildlife and it is such a unique experience. You will get to see the lush forests and amazing waterfalls. You can try trekking in jungles in Northern Thailand, western Laos, and Borneo, Malaysia. They vary in intensity so it is up to you if you want something relaxed or maybe something more challenging.

Full Moon Party

This is the biggest party in the region and the attendance reaches up to thirty thousand people. You can dance around and make new friends during this special occasion held in Ko Phangan in Thailand. As the name already implies, this happens during the new moon and it is a very lively occasion. There are no airports in the area so you can only access the place through a ferry.


Backpacking Through Southeast Asia: Tips And Guide
Backpacking Through Southeast Asia: Tips And Guide

There are so many gorgeous diving spots in the region. It is so much cheaper to learn to dive in this area compared to everywhere else in the world. Go for Thailand, Malaysia, or the Philippines for beautiful diving spots. You can sign up for quick courses that will teach you everything you need to know about diving and appreciating the underwater wildlife. Some of these diving school packages also offer accommodations at an affordable rate.

Singapore Cuisine

Another trademark that Singapore has is their diverse culinary scene. They have so many different cuisines that you should definitely try out. They are famous for their hawker stalls that sell cheap food but look so delicious. Each meal can cost for as low as only four dollars. There are also famous restaurants with equally delicious food if you want a calmer and more relaxed scene for eating. There are even spots that offer twenty percent discount on meals if you buy them at lunch.


Another thing that is abundant in Southeast Asia are temples. There are so many Buddhist temples. The best ones you should check out are Chiang Mai, Bagan, Hue, Angkor Wat, and Luang Prabang. Their temples have such intricate and beautiful details that are simply breathtaking to look at. Make sure to check them out when you are in the area. You also get the chance to be immersed in Asian culture.

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