Compass Reviews

Compass Reviews

If you love outdoor camping, then one of the key items that you always need is a compass. For those who love to trek in the wild or go for mountaineering, it is essential to help you know the direction. But while buying a good compass for camping, it is possible to get confused as there are so many on the market. Here we have a small guide for some great compasses that you can buy for your camping trips.

Compass For Camping

Suunto MC-2G Global Compass

Suunto is one of the best brands for making compasses. They devise a high-quality compass in their unit in Finland. Their compass can be cited as reliable equipment to let you know the accurate directions.

They use very accurate needles that can give you a reliable orientation. This compass comes with advanced features like multiple rulers, a sighting mirror and a wrist locking lanyard that helps you navigate with high accuracy. It also has an adjustable declination. This one is a sure game-changer.

 Silva Expedition S Compass

This one is a top-quality compass that is available at a reasonable price. It has a very accurate looking and bezel and an adjustment feature that works in any lighting condition. The compass has a mirrored sighting that gives extreme accuracy. This one proves to be perfect for those who plan to set off on an unknown location with off-trail navigation. This one comes with a magnifying glass, inclinometer and multiple navigational scales for map reading. It is one of the best tools for survival when you are camping in the wild.

Brunton TruArc 3 Base Plate Compass

This compass comes in a very compact base plate for simple and accurate navigation. Global needle and is calibrated to work anywhere in the world. It has an outer bezel that can read in a 2-degree resolution. It gives accurate navigation with its adjustable declination.

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Pocket Golden Compass

Compass Reviews
Compass Reviews
  • GREAT SENSITIVITY AND STABILITY:  Features 360-degree rotating bezel for easy navigation and orienteering.
  • NOCTILUCENT FUNCTION: Suitable to use at night, visible and glowing in the dark.
  • SIGNIFICANT GIFT: A nice symbolic gift to your better half to always find a way to go back to you.
  • MATERIAL: Copper shell

Potable Fire Igniter

  • VERSATILE TOOL: This keychain is a perfect tool as it combines utility and convenience, which making it a must-have hiking or camping gear, traveling and other outdoor activities.
  • QUICKSTART: Start fire quickly and easily with this igniter.
  • PORTABLE: Have ease carrying this EDC item anywhere, simply add it to your keychain or let it hang on your bag.
  • MATERIAL: Alloy

Multifunction Carabiner EDC Keychain

  • PRODUCT FEATURE: 7-in-1, a keyring, bottle opener, cross screwdriver, one-word screwdriver, wirecutter, carabiner, and a hex wrench all in one tool.
  • COMPACT DESIGN: Have seven tools in one easy to carry and lightweight device.
  • DURABILITY: Made from high-quality and durable material, wear and rustproof.
  • MATERIAL: Stainless steel

So, pick from any of the compass brands mentioned above. You can also buy camping products on our website. Just click on ‘Buy Now’ to get directed to the product link. Hurry and place your orders now!

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