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Different Kinds Of Tents For Adventures (Part II)

Are you still curious about the different kinds of tents for outdoor adventures? Read this article to find out more about this topic. It is very important to choose the correct type of tent for your trip so that you can sleep comfortably through the night and you can sufficiently protect your camping gear and other valuables against extreme weather conditions. 

Backpacking Tent

Different Kinds Of Tents For Outdoor Adventures (Part II)
Different Kinds Of Tents For Outdoor Adventures (Part II)

If walking a lot is part of your camping trip, you might want to get a backpacking tent. It is very light so it is not stressful to bring around at all times. These are also quite affordable while still being made of high-quality materials. Backpacking tents are usually perfect for one to two people. It’s very difficult to hike a trail while carrying a lot of things so this is a smart move because you won’t easily get tired. It has a low-profile design and there is a wide range of choices in the market. These are generally crafted to withstand practically all-weather conditions. They contain fewer poles so they are easy to set up. The only issue is that these are made in small sizes so they can’t fit a lot of people or things. They also have a low ceiling as well as a limited storage capacity for your items.

Geodesic and Semi-Geodesic Tents

This is another modern design of tents. It is largely like dome tents except that there are modern modifications that increase the original design’s support and stability against weather conditions. It has more tent poles that repetitively cross over each other. Their intersecting points create triangular shapes that are said to be the optimal design to improve its stability. The semi-geodesic types contain fewer poles so there are much easier to set up and they are lighter which is optimal for transporting them around. The only issue with these types of tents is that they come in limited sizes and they are very difficult to pitch.

Pop Up Tent

Different Kinds Of Tents For Outdoor Adventures (Part II)
Different Kinds Of Tents For Outdoor Adventures (Part II)

This type of tent is one of the newer models in the market. It has grown more popular in recent years and it is such a convenient way to pitch up a tent. It literally just pops open into the position in just a matter of seconds. It is so lightweight and it’s perfect for convenience. You can use this for last-minute activities like a beach trip or a festival. This is not capable of handling extreme weather conditions so you should consider that before you get this.

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