Kinds Of Tents For Camping (Pt I) -

Kinds Of Tents For Camping (Pt I)

Did you know that there is more than one type of tent? There are different kinds of tents to cater to different outdoor adventures. You should refer to the list below to find the perfect one for your trip. It is very important to select the correct one because this is going to be your layer of protection against extreme weather conditions. It is also going to be the one that will protect all of your valuables and belongings.

Dome Tent

Different Kinds Of Tents For Outdoor Adventures (Part I)
Different Kinds Of Tents For Outdoor Adventures (Part I)

A dome tent is a very common design of tents. It is one of the most popular designs up-to-date and as the name suggests, the tent is shaped like a dome. It has rainfly rests placed on top of each pole to add more protection against elements like there rain or strong wind. This is very easy to set up and it has a high center point so you have a lot of headspaces and you get a lot of room. Its round edges make it easy to get rid of rain so you don’t have to worry about water buildup on the top. This is lighter than the other tents and it is very easy to setup. The only issue is it tends to catch a lot of wind and its floor size is quite limited.

A-Frame Or Wedged Tents

Different Kinds Of Tents For Outdoor Adventures (Part I)
Different Kinds Of Tents For Outdoor Adventures (Part I)

This used to be very popular and it is one of the simplest designs in the market. You could probably tell by the name that the tent is shaped like an A or an upright wedge. This is made of a canvas fabric that is supported by steel poles on both sides. These durable materials make these tents last for years and years. There is sometimes a bar of support that goes between the two poles in order to achieve its signature look. This is very easy to achieve and it is quite stable. You can also adjust the size to whatever you need. The problem is that there is not a lot of headspaces.

Multi-Room Tent

This is one of the more modern designs of tents in the market. The design is closer to a house in such a way that there are numerous rooms instead of just one big area. The compartments aim to provide more storage, added privacy, and more organization. This is the perfect tent for a group of friends or a family because you can simply assign a room for each group and you will have some sort of personal space. Some tents can have two rooms while others can reach up to five. The only issue is this tent tends to be unstable in the presence of strong winds, it is quite heavy to bring around, and it is very difficult to set up.

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