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Tent Features To Consider Before Buying (Part I)

Buying a tent is not a decision that should be done hastily. You need to assess various tent features to consider before buying. The tent is going to be an investment piece for all of your future camping trips and outdoor adventures. You would want something that suits your terrain, campsite, needs, etc. Read this article for a guide on various tent features to consider before buying one. 

Capacity Of The Tent

Tent Features To Consider Before Buying One (Part I)
Tent Features To Consider Before Buying One (Part I)

This is a no-brainer when it comes to selecting the perfect tent for you. You need to consider the number of people who will come along the camping trip. You should select a model that comfortably fits all of the participants on the trip. Another thing to consider is that there is no standard size as to how many people can fit into one tent. Other tent manufacturers will assume that their tent that fits three people can actually only fit two. One important tip is to subtract one individual from the tent capacity number so that you can comfortably rest inside. For example, if the label says the tent can handle seven people, assume that it can only house six.


Tent Features To Consider Before Buying One (Part I)
Tent Features To Consider Before Buying One (Part I)

No, this does not refer to the store customer rating although that is also a reasonable standard for selecting a tent. Tents are officially rated according to the season. Other tents can handle three seasons while the rest can handle four. The four-season tents will be a bad idea for the summer while a three-season tent is bad for winter.

Three-season tents are the most common ones in the market. they can handle various seasons like spring, fall, and summer. These are capable of protecting you from light rain and light wind. These are known for their adequate ventilation so they are comfortable to stay in even if you have company. They also have a sturdy structure that makes them last for a very long time. They usually come with a rainfly, a mesh window, and some zipper closures. You only need a few minutes to pitch them up.

Four-season tents are perfect for all types of seasons, including winter. That is actually a misleading name because this is specifically built to withstand the harsh winter season. They have insulating properties that keep the interior warm even if it is so cold outside. These have more tent poles and zero mesh windows. Another feature is the round top that resembles a dome to prevent snow from building up on your roof.

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