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Tent Features To Consider Before Buying (Part II)

Here is the second part of the numerous tent features you should consider before buying one. It is important to carefully assess your decisions so that you will get all of your money’s worth. It is far more practical to invest in a useful tent rather than a tent that was chosen hastily which might not be as useful as you want it to be

Tent Height

Tent Features To Consider Before Buying (Part II)
Tent Features To Consider Before Buying (Part II)

Another thing you should consider is the height of your tent whenever it is upright. This reflects your need to stand or to sit up straight without hitting your head on the ceiling. You can identify the height of the tent by simply reading the label as that is indicated there. Make sure that the height actually works for you and your needs.


Windows give you a preview of your surroundings as well as a reasonable amount of ventilation to make you feel comfortable as you are staying inside. There are windows with mesh flaps that allow the entry and exit of the wind without allowing insects into your tent. You can skip the windows if you are camping during the winter because you need to retain all the warmth inside your tent. If you are going to camp during the summer, make sure to get a tent with adequate windows.


Tent Features To Consider Before Buying (Part II)
Tent Features To Consider Before Buying (Part II)

A rainfly is an important part of a tent. You can think of this part as the umbrella of your tent which will then protect it whenever it rains. There are tents that are not waterproof so this simple rainfly can prevent the penetration of rainwater into your tent. This material is used to cover the top of the tent in order to protect it from water. You can use it whenever you feel like it is about to rain and you can use it as an additional shade to protect yourself from the harsh and hot rays of the sun.


This is the covered area just outside the tent door. It is quite like a mudroom in which you can store your wet or muddy camping gear so that you won’t end up bringing the mess into your area. Not all tent designs have a vestibule but you can craft your own by placing a tarp as well as some creativity.

Tent Doors

The number of tent doors matters especially if you have company in your tent. You might want to have more than one point of entry for the convenience of everyone. It’s quite awkward and uncomfortable to climb over people whenever you need to leave the tent. You can solve this issue by opting for a tent that has numerous doors. Some tents have a single door while others have two. Make sure to get everyone’s opinion on the number of doors.

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