Tips For Backpacking Through Europe -

Tips For Backpacking Through Europe

Europe is a popular choice when it comes to backpacking trips. Here are some tips for backpacking through Europe. This informative guide will give you valuable information on how you can conquer this area and how you can make the most out of your trip.


Tips For Backpacking Through Europe
Tips For Backpacking Through Europe

It is very important that you wisely pick the season you will travel through Europe. The peak summer season is perfect for the eastern regions like the Balkan area and the Slovenian mountains. They look amazing during the summer and the tourist activities are cheaper. Autumn is perfect for the Med. You can enjoy the gorgeous coastlines and famous islands of the region. This is also when Italy and Spain begin to peak. For the winter, you might want to try skiing in France or the Netherlands. You could also stay for the amazing New Year’s Eve parties.

Ride Trains

It is better to go through Europe by riding the trains than on planes. They cost less and they are better for you to have a closer look at appreciating the beauty of Europe. It is such a fun sight to watch the views from your train window change every few hours. Take a flight if you are going to a different region in Europe but if you are planning to switch from one neighboring place to another, ride trains.


Tips For Backpacking Through Europe
Tips For Backpacking Through Europe

Instead of going for hotels, why not go for the options that feel more like home? There are hostels and homestays that will give you a better bang for your buck. These accommodation options will give you the chance to interact with your host and get a closer and more personal look at the European culture. Just be sure to book in advance so that you will not run out of space and you will be able to secure a good place.

Festival Season

You can enjoy more activities and see a city at its finest if you visit them during festival season. The only issue with this is you need very advanced planning. You can try Ireland’s St. Patrick’s Day or Dublin’s shamrock madness. There are so many different options and you can even just hop from one festival to another.

Eat Locally

Skip the fast food centers or international food chains. Eat like a local by going to markets or ordinary food places. Europe is an excellent place filled with delicious food. If you do not want to drain all of your savings on your foodie adventure, you can simply take a portion of every serving. Go for Spain’s tapa dish, Italy’s trattoria, or Denmark’s open sandwich. The possibilities are endless.

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